Pinjara by Anuradha


Aaj fir bhut vichlit hai man,

Jisne badha di hai meri dharkan.

Kaisi hai ye ajab zindagi,

Jaise pinjre me kaid ho koi pakchi.

Apni kismat kahun ya koi Khel,

Pinjron ki jaise lagi hai rail.

Bahut karib se samjh pa Rahi Huin,

Un kaid pakchiyon Ko dekhe ja Rahi Hun.

Jinki nazro me hai Aasman,

Aur udne ke hain Arman.

Ye koi aam pinjra nahi,

Ye pinjra hai samazikta ka wahi.

Jiske andar ho Rahi hai ghutan,

Aur mukt hone ka nahi koi button.

Meri v Chahat hai udna aur dur tak Jana,

Par asambhav sa lagta h Aisa kar pana.

Main Akeli isme kaid nahi,

Aneko hain jinka koi astitw nahi kahi.

Aa Rahi hai Dil se ek awaj

Aao pinjre Ko do Todh,

Aur himmat Ko lo zodh. 

Taki udd sake hokar Magan,

Aur ji sake khul kar ye jivan.
: – Pinjara
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I don’t believe…. ;-)

I don’t believe in words as once someone told me 

I will never left you if someone will left then it will be you. 

I thought she is telling me the truth….. 
but the time passes and  she left me in middle of the day. 
And Now I am worried that how my night will pass.

 I am all alone now & it’s a long night to spend. 

So Now I don’t believe in words…. 

I don’t believe…… 

I don’t believe in words as….

once someone told me I will never leave you, and if someone will leave then it will be you. 

I thought she was telling the truth…..
 But the time passes and she left me in middle of the day. 
And Now I am worried that how my nights will pass.
 I am all alone now & it’s a long night to spend. 

So Now I don’t believe in words….:-)


हम रूठ भी जाएं तो ……हमें मनाएगा कौन,,बस इसी फिक्र में ……खुश रहते हैं…!!

He is shouting at him,

“You don’t even know how to walk on the road…” 

The old man in a shivering voice replied, 
“Son, Actually I didn’t see the car coming from the front…. 

The old man gets upset after all this….. 

And in his room, sitting near the window he started thinking about the days when he was young and used to take his son to walk…. 

When the son ran to the road, he, in a very cool and composed manner, made him understand the traffic on road….. 

Then he suddenly realized that he is not a young man anymore, who has a beautiful wife who is very understanding. 

Whenever he got upset, his wife was there to make him believe in himself and fight the situation. She was her strength and support throughout every ups and downs…….. 

And he, with a smile on his face, starts looking at the road from the window…….. 

:-Nikshay Maurya

Am I Really going to win…. 

That time was priceless when you were there, 

This time is worthless when you are not here. 

When you were there to motivate me, 

And Now no one is here, to support me. 
There were you, who tolerated the frustration, 

now no one is here to encourage me. 
You were always there, like oxygen to survive,

But here I feel like I am unable to breath. 
In past I had the feeling that no one would defeat me,

Now I am like, am I really going to win.
That time there were not any fear in me, 

Now this fear inside me, going to kill me. 

😦 Nikshay Maurya

She is Angel ?

She is beautiful like an angel on Earth. She wants to tell the world that she has some vision, some dreams and some goals to achieve. 

She is going to change the family’s economy and prove that she is like a Sapphire stone. This is  the reply of Chitragupta (the God who keeps  karma’s record)

to Yamraj (the God of death). 
Yamraj again asked, “When will this family overcome poverty?”

Chitragupta replied, “They’ll definitely, after the birth of their child.” 

Yamraj: “That’s really great, now they are not going to be poor anymore and going to live a good life.”

Chitragupta shouted with anger, “Not anymore.”

Yamraj asked with surprise, “Why, what happened?” 

Chitragupta: “Because they have committed fetal murder, they killed her……….. 😦 ”

Save  them ! 

😦 Nikshay Maurya

Zinda huin main…..Chapter 2 

When he started eating the roll, which he ordered at the stall, suddenly he realized something which really encouraged him and filled him with lots of hope and energy. 

And he started moving towards his home. 

When he reached home, at dinner he told his wife about the whole incident which took place at the office. 

After coming to know about the incident, his wife got angry at him for apologizing to him. 

Taking pause for some minutes, he replied with a smile on his face that it was because He is still alive. 

His wife asked what did he meant. He said, ” Do you know that a tree with fruits bends its branches, not the tree which is without any fruit. 

Similarly, human being whose humanity is alive should be capable  of letting things go and be forgiving, not those who have lost their humanity somewhere. 

😉 Nikshay Maurya