हम रूठ भी जाएं तो ……हमें मनाएगा कौन,,बस इसी फिक्र में ……खुश रहते हैं…!!

He is shouting at him,

“You don’t even know how to walk on the road…” 

The old man in a shivering voice replied, 
“Son, Actually I didn’t see the car coming from the front…. 

The old man gets upset after all this….. 

And in his room, sitting near the window he started thinking about the days when he was young and used to take his son to walk…. 

When the son ran to the road, he, in a very cool and composed manner, made him understand the traffic on road….. 

Then he suddenly realized that he is not a young man anymore, who has a beautiful wife who is very understanding. 

Whenever he got upset, his wife was there to make him believe in himself and fight the situation. She was her strength and support throughout every ups and downs…….. 

And he, with a smile on his face, starts looking at the road from the window…….. 

:-Nikshay Maurya


Am I Really going to win…. 

That time was priceless when you were there, 

This time is worthless when you are not here. 

When you were there to motivate me, 

And Now no one is here, to support me. 
There were you, who tolerated the frustration, 

now no one is here to encourage me. 
You were always there, like oxygen to survive,

But here I feel like I am unable to breath. 
In past I had the feeling that no one would defeat me,

Now I am like, am I really going to win.
That time there were not any fear in me, 

Now this fear inside me, going to kill me. 

😦 Nikshay Maurya

She is Angel ?

She is beautiful like an angel on Earth. She wants to tell the world that she has some vision, some dreams and some goals to achieve. 

She is going to change the family’s economy and prove that she is like a Sapphire stone. This is  the reply of Chitragupta (the God who keeps  karma’s record)

to Yamraj (the God of death). 
Yamraj again asked, “When will this family overcome poverty?”

Chitragupta replied, “They’ll definitely, after the birth of their child.” 

Yamraj: “That’s really great, now they are not going to be poor anymore and going to live a good life.”

Chitragupta shouted with anger, “Not anymore.”

Yamraj asked with surprise, “Why, what happened?” 

Chitragupta: “Because they have committed fetal murder, they killed her……….. 😦 ”

Save  them ! 

😦 Nikshay Maurya

Zinda huin main…..Chapter 2 

When he started eating the roll, which he ordered at the stall, suddenly he realized something which really encouraged him and filled him with lots of hope and energy. 

And he started moving towards his home. 

When he reached home, at dinner he told his wife about the whole incident which took place at the office. 

After coming to know about the incident, his wife got angry at him for apologizing to him. 

Taking pause for some minutes, he replied with a smile on his face that it was because He is still alive. 

His wife asked what did he meant. He said, ” Do you know that a tree with fruits bends its branches, not the tree which is without any fruit. 

Similarly, human being whose humanity is alive should be capable  of letting things go and be forgiving, not those who have lost their humanity somewhere. 

😉 Nikshay Maurya

Why Me? 

She always scolds him by finding out some mistakes in his work. 
He always thinks why she found out a reason to scold me.

He is always worried with this attitude of her. 

One day Her friend arrived at their place and break the cup set which she loves the most she doesn’t say anything to her.

Then suddenly her friends husband is moving with his shoes which is all over of mud.
Although everything is observing by him that His wife is not scolding anyone of them. 
And then


Suddenly, He just know the fact what really the Love she wants to share with him and how much she loves him. 

And Now He loves the way she scolds him….. 🙂

😉 Nikshay Maurya 

Zinda Huin Main. Chapter 1

As a boss he told him you are late and it’s your daily routine, if you don’t come on proper time from tomorrow onwards I will suspend you.
He angrily shouted at him even though he was his boss. You are just a manager of the company, don’t forget that my brother-in-law is the owner of the company . 
He remained silent .
And it’s lunch time now. Everyone is at the canteen. Despite being the boss, he goes to him and apologizes. With ignorance, he replied to him tha it was OK. 

They started taking lunch at the same table. After sometime, he asked how is your son. He replied, “Why does it matter to you, just take your lunch and handle your chair as the manager.” After this, he left the table. 
When office time got over, he started regretting that why did he say sorry to the guy who was so rude to him.

After travelling some distance, he reached a some stall of street food and ordered a roll.

And sat on the small wall of graveyard and started observing the graves. 
To be continued..

😉 Nikshay Maurya 

The most difficult task…… 

He met her and fell in love with her… He tried so hard to get her

But suddenly she proposed him and that was the best moment of his life.

Everything is going smooth .

They are together 24*7 .

Suddenly, some misunderstanding happens and they get apart 

But There is something still left which brings them closer .

They come again in contact and  love is still there between them. 

But due to long gap there is a hesitation making HIS own space… 
And Here comes the most difficult task 

They are finding reasons to talk to one with whom they used to spend time 24*7….

😉 Nikshay Maurya