She is Angel ?

She is beautiful like an angel on Earth. She wants to tell the world that she has some vision, some dreams and some goals to achieve. 

She is going to change the family’s economy and prove that she is like a Sapphire stone. This is  the reply of Chitragupta (the God who keeps  karma’s record)

to Yamraj (the God of death). 
Yamraj again asked, “When will this family overcome poverty?”

Chitragupta replied, “They’ll definitely, after the birth of their child.” 

Yamraj: “That’s really great, now they are not going to be poor anymore and going to live a good life.”

Chitragupta shouted with anger, “Not anymore.”

Yamraj asked with surprise, “Why, what happened?” 

Chitragupta: “Because they have committed fetal murder, they killed her……….. 😦 ”

Save  them ! 

😦 Nikshay Maurya


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