Why Me? 

She always scolds him by finding out some mistakes in his work. 
He always thinks why she found out a reason to scold me.

He is always worried with this attitude of her. 

One day Her friend arrived at their place and break the cup set which she loves the most she doesn’t say anything to her.

Then suddenly her friends husband is moving with his shoes which is all over of mud.
Although everything is observing by him that His wife is not scolding anyone of them. 
And then


Suddenly, He just know the fact what really the Love she wants to share with him and how much she loves him. 

And Now He loves the way she scolds him….. 🙂

😉 Nikshay Maurya 


Zinda Huin Main. Chapter 1

As a boss he told him you are late and it’s your daily routine, if you don’t come on proper time from tomorrow onwards I will suspend you.
He angrily shouted at him even though he was his boss. You are just a manager of the company, don’t forget that my brother-in-law is the owner of the company . 
He remained silent .
And it’s lunch time now. Everyone is at the canteen. Despite being the boss, he goes to him and apologizes. With ignorance, he replied to him tha it was OK. 

They started taking lunch at the same table. After sometime, he asked how is your son. He replied, “Why does it matter to you, just take your lunch and handle your chair as the manager.” After this, he left the table. 
When office time got over, he started regretting that why did he say sorry to the guy who was so rude to him.

After travelling some distance, he reached a some stall of street food and ordered a roll.

And sat on the small wall of graveyard and started observing the graves. 
To be continued..

😉 Nikshay Maurya 

The most difficult task…… 

He met her and fell in love with her… He tried so hard to get her

But suddenly she proposed him and that was the best moment of his life.

Everything is going smooth .

They are together 24*7 .

Suddenly, some misunderstanding happens and they get apart 

But There is something still left which brings them closer .

They come again in contact and  love is still there between them. 

But due to long gap there is a hesitation making HIS own space… 
And Here comes the most difficult task 

They are finding reasons to talk to one with whom they used to spend time 24*7….

😉 Nikshay Maurya

Maine Dekha hai Tumhe………. 

Hare pedh cut rahe hain aur unse v uche uche pedh lag rahe hain……

Ek Waqt tha tabhi hare pedh cutne pey Jo pedh lagte the unki uchai 2 se 3 maale tak hoti the  lekin Waqt Badla taknik badli aur logo Ko ehsaas hua Ab aur bade pedh hone cahiye aur logo ne lagana Suru kiya Itne uche pedh jinki uchai Ab 100 se v jyda maale tak Pahuch Gaye…… 

In chizo Ko badlata Dekh rha huin main 

Main Dekha hai lacha k bete Ki shadi,maine Dekha hai Azadi Ki ladai, Maine Dekha ek baap ko bete Ko khande mein khelate aur ushi baap k bete Ko ushe ghar se nikalte Maine Ye v Dekha hai Ki Ush baap ko Marne k badh khande na milte…… 

Main Dekha hai Tumhe…… 

Kaun huin main, Main huin Wo Hara pedh Jo tumhare Angan mein tha….. 
: Nikshay Maurya